Introduction to Bitcoin
  • 7h

Have you heard all the latest talk about Bitcoin, and want to learn more? Are you a technical professional who’s interested in learning more about the underlying software design? Alex Melville, Senior Software Engineer at the blockchain infrastructure company, Bitgo, will give introductory and technical presentations on Bitcoin this Wednesday at Divan Orange.

Whether you know next to nothing about Bitcoin, or you understand the difference between a Merkle and Patricia tree, these presentations will have something interesting for you. The first 45 minutes starting at 7:00pm will be an introductory presentation on the past 9 years of Bitcoin’s story, the problems it’s trying to solve and examples of how to use it. Then there will be a 30 minute break to network and ask any questions you may have. Then starting at 8:15pm Alex will give a deep-dive presentation on the algorithms and data structures used by the Bitcoin software. This second talk will be aimed at a technical audience, but everyone is welcome to stay. Alex will be available afterwards to answer questions for as long as you need!