NMFT 11 Mini Live & Party

Bands: Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu / o’summer vacation / Koutei Camera Girl Drei / ame to kanmuri

Venue: Divan Orange
Date: Oct 9, 2017 (Mon)

doors open: 7:00pm
show starts: 8:00pm

tickets: $10 (advance) $15 (at door)
Tickets can be purchased online here:

JYOCHO and Nuito wanted to take a break but the rest of the bands on the NMFT11 roster wanted to do as many shows as possible.

So a 2nd show has been added for Montreal.

However, JYOCHO and Nuito will NOT be performing (though they may show up to the party). Instead, Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu, o’summer vacation, Kotei Camera Girl Drei and ame to kanmuri will perform longer sets and there will be a small party after the show.

1. o’summer vacation – 3-pc band from Kyoto combining bass, drums and vocals (no guitar) for an incendiary hardcore/noise explosion.

2. Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu – they held Canadian audiences in the palms of their hands with their poppy yet surprisingly dark, quirky and powerful live performances during NMFT8. This adorable female band (with new male guitarist)’s greatest strength is their willingness to experiment and write songs that sound so different from each other. Although rooted in emo-tinged pop they veer into hardcore, noise, folk, a bit of dance and funk, shoegazer and everything in between. Cute as hell, unpredictable and badass. They killed it in Canada last year and are back again with a bevy of new songs.

3. Koutei Camera Girl Drei – idol group that raps over sublime instrumentals ranging from EDM to emo/shoegaze to experimental/glitch. The music is incredibly well crafted in the vein of Nujabes, Evisbeats, and Flying Lotus. No the music doesn’t sound like those artists per se but the soul and supreme attention to detail is cut from the same cloth. They come across less like an idol group and more like a female group_inou.

4. ame to kanmuri – an original member of Koutei Camera Girl, molm’o'mol now performs solo as a DJ and emcee under the new stage name: ame to kanmuri

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