Lew Phillips // Broke Diplomates // Tricia Fitz

Lew Phillips aka "The Preppy Voice" is a Canadian Vintage Pop singer/songwriter from Montreal. He released 2 "EP's", the first one in March 2012 and the second one in March 2013 called Baby Rock. He released his first single "Mister Colter/Silent Love" in 2013. He has been on 3 record labels, Let's Riot Music in Halifax, NS Canada, Wild Records in Hollywood, CA USA and Rhythm Bomb Records in England/Germany. Lew released his first full length album in April 2014 for Rhythm Bomb Records which contain 15 original songs written by Lew Phillips himself and also produced by Michel Dagenais (Jean Leloup, Maxine Landry, Daniel Bélanger, Sally Folk among many others). He has been playing in the USA, England and toured all over the province of Quebec. He made the front page of two magazines in Europe (England and Germany) and appeared on TV in a Quebec TV show in January 2015. Lew Phillips created his own record label during winter 2017 called "Barking Puzzle Records" in reference to his Fiancee's Jack Russell Terrier dog named "Puzzle" whom passed away in 2015. He is now recording and producing his music all by himself at home while creating what he calls "The Modern Wall Of Sound "!

Broke Diplomates a démarré durant l'été 2016 sur les bords de la Seine à Paris, avec l'enregistrement d'un premier album. Suite à l'émigration de l'unique membre de l'époque à Montréal durant l'automne suivant, la formation s'est ensuite doté d'un batteur et d'un bassiste tout aussi déjantés. À la suite de plusieurs concerts depuis le début de 2017, le groupe a enregistré son second durant l'été et devra jouer dans des festivals durant les prochains mois, à la suite de la sortie de celui-ci.

Alternative Pop.
Tricia Fitz: noun. \ch-rish-uh-ph-it-s\ . 1. A person who can sing and play guitar or piano at the same time. 2. A musician who is a huge procrastinator but only because she wants to release the best sound she can make. 3. Someone who wants to be your friend.