Champion Ski / Ellemetue / Sorry Girls

Brian, Cosette, and Gaëlle are friends. Together, they can agree on mutually enjoying a wide variety of music. Together, they are Champion Ski. Brian plays guitar, sings some songs. Cosette sings some songs, plays bass. Gaëlle plays the guitar and synth, sings. None of them ski. But hey, the Beach Boys didn’t surf, either.

Mingo l'Indien et Nunu Métal

Sorry Girls is an up-and-coming Dream Pop duo from Montreal consisting of singer/songwriter Heather Kirkpatrick and Producer/songwriter Dylan Konrad Obront. Heavily influenced by early spooky ethereal 80s pop as well as 60s Motown pop, Sorry Girls pools from a wide variety of earlier influences to offer something nostalgic but innovative. Since their debut release Awesome Secrets in 2016, they have garnered the attention of prominent music critics such as Sean Michaels of Said the Gramophone!