Clark’s Bowling Club  +Schemes

Clark's Bowling Club is a trio digging all of that funky, jazzy & soulful vibes. The residents of Clark street are excited to release their 1st album in spring 2017 : Cool Kidz. The album will be released with BVMusic and feature Zaya Solange, Odd Man Black, Hichem Khalfa and many more...

Over the past few months, they’ve kept this project on the down-low. Schemes proceeded to create crisp tunes to bring a bounce to your backbone – something they couldn’t quite find in the Montreal landscape.

Their tunes are ready to bring to your ears. On tap, A blend of neo-soul, jazz and hippihoppy. This is the first sip. Nadia and Maeco aka Mike Clay will take care of words and melodies. Hugo PP will play his horn, Charles Miquelon on the ivory keys, Philly Phil on the Drum-set.