La Tierra Prometida launch party!

As a founding member and the singer of festival favourites Psychotropical Orchestra, Montrealer Mariano Franco mastered the craft of moving crowds, while moving indie pop into fresh, new territory with a Latino twist. Catching the cumbia wave well ahead of most, Franco introduced it into the Psychotropical sound, and later dove in head first with his DJ collective Sonido Nordico.
With his latest project, Papi Chulo, Franco has come back to the most basic thing — the beat. Stripped down and irresistible, the raw, sweaty electrofunk of Papi Chulo casts a witchdoctor’s spell on the dancefloor. With erotic nightmares in a steaming blacklight rainforest and shamanic hallucinations spliced into an X-rated VHS-era narco-thriller, Papi Chulo will possess your body in the most intimate ways.