The Big Drops / Young Legs / Sweet Roger / The Fuzzy Undertones

The Big Drops are a NJ based whimsical rock ‘n roll four piece led by Greg Kherlopian. They create a sonic wilderness inspired by creative pop music of the late 1960’s & contemporary musicians with subtle electronic tendencies. Their debut full length album, Time, Color comes out June 23rd 2017. The first single from the album, “By The Water” was released April 27th on Ground Sounds. “Baskets of Love”  premiered May 10th on Impose Magazine.

Greg and his brother Vram formed the Big Drops in 2011 while living together in a log cabin in Hewitt NJ. After multiple line-up changes, the band became a solid unit with the arrivals of Caleb Estey (drums) and Steve Donahue (bass) in 2014.

Young Legs is the soul project of folk superstar Steve Donahue. Sometimes fun, sometimes sad, always introspective.

Memories are stories that we tell ourselves to remember who we are. Love, heartbreak, longing, bitterness, peace - emotions evolve along with the lens through which we view the past.

I started writing most of these songs many years ago, capturing feelings both familiar and foreign to those that I feel now. So many real moments pressed like flowers into books. As I grew, I slowly became afraid of detaching from my past without realizing that I was in danger of being trapped within it forever.

Now aware of this recursion, I can both embrace the past and let it go. Kneeling at the mouth of darkness, where I've found myself so many times before, I can find a new path.

Sweet Roger is a singer-songwriter with a unique but familiar sound, with contrasting styles of Americana, folk, blues, and 90's alternative. His influences are wide-ranging, from R.E.M. and The National to Bruce Springsteen and Roy Orbison. While describing the surface of our experiences and simultaneously peering deep into our senses, Sweet Roger's lyrics and melodies deliver a refreshing edge to songwriting that is captivating, original, and yet intimately homespun.