Lac Simon Charity Show // Clay and Friends & The Corks

Yeah, this is real. HOW BOUT DAH!

Clay and friends is stopping by at the Divan Orange, after performing over 450 concerts, of

which 20 were in Europe, to join forces with the young and reckless party boys: The Corks.

On Wednesday night, March 29 th , for the first time in history, the two bands will be united in

the same venue to give us an unforgettable show.

Tickets are $12


“But wait, what’s Le Camp de Vacances Lac Simon?!”

Say no more, I got you fam

Le Camp de Vacances Lac Simon is a non-for- profit organization with the mission of providing to

42 young boys from an under-privileged background in Montreal the opportunity to attend

camp for 15 days. Last summer, the camp celebrated its 60 th anniversary.

Make sure to buy your tickets in advance before we sell out! charity-show- clay-and- friends-the- corks-tickets-


See you there!

For more info about the bands that will be playing, look up their Facebook pages!

- Clay and Friends:

- The Corks:

Formed in 2015, The Corks are a 4 piece rock band from Montreal. Comprised of Sacha Gubany (vocals), Jonathan Verreault (drums), Philippe Moisan (guitar) and Vincent Lambert (bass), they play loud and bluesy garage rock and are known for their extremely energetic performances.

With a rich cultural and musical blend, Clay and Friends is a musical collective that draws inspiration from hip-hop, funk, jazz, soul and reggae. Champions of musical improvisation and freestyle, Mike Clay and his crew wield words in a prose that perfectly reflects Montreal in both French and English. The group is inspired by urban life and feeds off simplicity and instinct, leading to organic jams onstage that include beatbox and sampling.