Videoman  +I Shot Samo

For Montreal based band Videoman, the line between song and story is often blurred. By using their backgrounds in opera, literature, and creative writing, the four ­piece band strives for music that resonates on a personal level. Pasquale D’Alessio, an opera singer who once worked with Opera Montreal, employs haunting melodies reminiscent of Radiohead and The National.

After touring their debut album Colourblind with performances at Pop Montreal, Canadian Music Week, and The Horseshoe Tavern, the band caught the attention of artist and producer Patrick Krief.  Videoman began work on what was set to be their definitive album, spending meticulous hours in studio, bouncing from Montreal’s iconic Mixart  to Krief’s intimate home studio. With another Canadian Tour in the books, they opened the year with a milestone show at Brooklyn Bowl. Videoman is set to release their new album, A Kind Of Serenity, in spring of 2017.

I Shot Samo is a musical project based in Montreal, that was born out of the same old shit.