The Solars  +Rust Eden  +Ada Lea

WHO — OR WHAT — ARE THE SOLARS? No one else is making music like these barely-twentysomethings. Centered on the decade-long friendship of songwriter Miles Hewitt and technical whiz Quetzel Herzig, The Solars are a band of profound depth and balance; their work is as informed by folk music traditions as by cutting-edge studio trickery and a beyond-their-years pop sensibility.

Rust Eden c’est Alexandre Larin et David Bastien dans un appartement de Parc-Ex qui compose à journée longue, mais ça peut aussi être du théâtre baroque sur les champignons, le souci du détail dans une tempête de son ou bien le chemin du retour quand on aurait voulu rester. C’est comme si The Kinks montait sur scène avec Deerhunter et jouait du Tame Impala. Rust Eden c’est vaporeux au début, nerveux au milieu, mais ça groove toujours dans la cave.

Ada Lea's music is a crafted dreamscape set to song. The Montreal-based double bassist and singer-songwriter has the rare ability to throw light on the darkness of our shared experience. Themes of longing, absentia and duplicity are revealed over a backdrop of harmonic depth and meditativerichness. Sometimes Ada Lea is supported by guitar and drums, but other times she performs in the intimacy of her double bass alone, weaving hummable melodies over intricate bass lines and storied songs of memorable lyrics.