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The Tender Threads is a Canadian music group founded in 2013 and has since spent time living and working on their music in Europe, Asia and North America. In this project, the members of The Tender Threads engage in a collaboration between disparate musical worlds like psychedelic soft-rock, experimental, contemporary classical, traditional folk, among others. Tender Threads is an examination of human perspectives, social climate, seeking to contribute to illuminating environments by encouraging conversation between people.

We're a band and we play songs.

Aquarius Dreams is a Montreal-based dreamfolk band that formed in the summer of 2016. The group draws inspiration from various modern psychedelic, electronic, folk and rock groups. Their music has been described by Graphite Publications as “beautifully crafted” and “eerily nostalgic”, while their live performances have been praised as “remarkably intimate”, and capable of “creating sonic cascades that leave the crowd visibly awestruck.