Orgasmo Sonore  +Chris Alexander’s Music for Murder

Filmmaker and composer Chris Alexander's blood-spattered synths are joined by David Bertrand's pulverizing percussion as the duo play tracks from Alexander's "Music for Murder" album, out now from Giallo Disco records. Dark, evocative, anthemic and atmospheric electronic industrial noise for lovers of black leather and open throats everywhere, Music for Murder is the sound of sex, death and strange cinema.

Orgasme Sonore vous propose une incursion audio-visuelle dans l’univers des trames sonores cultes et du rock psychédélique aux références exotiques et présente son nouvel album "Themes International" (Cineploit Records, 2016). Avec des titres évocateurs tels que « Giallo », « Turkish Psych », « Vampiros Lesbos », « François de Roubaix » ou encore « Erotische », vos sens seront sollicités dans une soirée qui s’annonce hautement atmosphérique! « The group have already shown us that they can do an incredible job with cinematic styles of the 60s and 70s – and here, they really knock it out of the park on a whole set of sound library titles too – tunes that really give a hint at their inspiration through the titles, but which are carried into even cooler, groovier, more unique territory by the group! » - Dusty Groove