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Wizaard is your funky brother from another mother. Going through multiple phases of gestation over the last couple of years, changing names along the way, the baby is finally done mutating and has come to its final form: a five-legged dancing baby. And boy he can dance! Maybe slinky guitar laced with synths and a pounding rhythmic section is just too much for you to handle? Just take a space cake and let it all hang out, the wizards will take care of you.

Since the release of their Filthy Haanz EP in 2014, Wizaard have evolved from garage-like psychedelic funksters to full-fledged disco-rock revivalists. Pineapple-rock, wizard-funk, Frisbee-disco, whatever you want to call it, their sound is idiosyncratic. Now a five-piece lineup, the band is ready to take the stage by storm with its unique blend of genres, making sure you get your fix of ear-candy melodies while still getting your workout done.