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Inspirés des poètes du songwrinting américain ou encore français, du folklore irlandais ou des grandes voix nordiques il font une musique qui oscille entre l'indie folk et la pop mélancolique. Leurs deux voix savent se mêler avec harmonie et richesse pour nous conter des histoires hors du temps.

Even though Canadian singer-songwriter Thanya Iyer, sings melodies that root from the styles of folk and jazz, Thanya Iyer grew up submerged in the art of Indian Carnatic vocals, violin and dance. While pursuing a double major in music and science in college, focusing on classical violin performance, she then formed TEA, a folk-jazz collaboration which combined three-part harmony vocals, and a vast instrumentation which stemmed from trumpets to harp. In 2013, Thanya was inspired to start a solo endeavor after meeting New York native Kaitlyn Raitz, who brings about luscious textures on the cello, as well as Alex K.S, on upright bass, who jazzifies the sound with his melodic bass lines. With a new intimate and soulful sound, the group released a new self-titled EP March 2014.