Ultrafaux  +Denis Chang

Baltimore band UltraFaux performs original acoustic music with Romani folk, Jazz Manouche, Balkan, blues, be-bop, swing, funk and musette influences. The group is an acoustic powerhouse of two guitars and upright bass. Sami Arefin and Michael Joseph Harris trade dazzling leads and harmonize together on rich gypsy-inspired melodies. The dynamic Eddie Hrybyk on upright bass holds down the steady swinging pulse and brings his passion for improvisation to the group.

Fascinated by the music of French Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, Taiwanese-Canadian guitarist Denis Chang’s spent his formative years alongside the Gypsies of France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany, where he learned to play the style of music that is now known as Gypsy Jazz. There, he learned to understand the Romany way of life, and was completely immersed in the culture. He is one of the few gadje (non-Gypsy) to have learned Romanes, the language of the Gypsies. In concerts, he is one of the very few outside of the Gypsy community to sing rare Gypsy songs in Romanes. Audiences can expect to learn more about Gypsy culture and the meaning behind these rare songs.