MEG 2016 // Flex Complet : Kyle Kalma, Seychelle & Seb Diamond //

Ta playlist de demain, devant toi aujourd’hui!

Billets / Tickets :

Prévente / Presale : 5$
Porte / Door : 10$

22h (ouverture des portes à 21h)

Soirée présentée par Boréale et Camuz


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Flex Complet [CA]
Inspired by both the city’s underground sounds that shaped them and their combined experience, FLEX COMPLET is Kyle Kalma, Seychelle & Seb Diamond’s first collective offering to Montreal, bringing big room sounds back to the intimate and unique environments that birthed the trio.

Seychelle is a Montreal-born music producer, electro acoustic student and upstart DJ who cut her teeth running a year-long residency at Blizzarts, winning over the hearts of enthusiastic club goers and established DJs alike.

Seb Diamond
An established fixture of the Montreal elecronic party scene, dance music scholar Seb Diamond cut his teeth as a member of the much loved Turbo Crunk and Night Trackin’ families. He favours the kind of dark, shimmering, underground house cuts that seamlessly carry a late night right through till morning.

Kyle Kalma
Hailing from the clubs and festival stages of Los Angeles, Kyle Kalma’s hard hitting sets eventually brought him to Montreal, where he fell in love with the epicurean city’s underground clubs and after hours. One of the original Velvet residents, he was much responsible for the dark and eclectic sounds that came to define the venue.

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