Led by Congolese-Canadian singer-songwriter, Ngabonziza Kiroko, Dear Denizen oozed on the Montreal’s Indie scene in 2012, the band has built its dedicated fan-base on the strength of energetic live performances and the shamanic charisma of Ngabo’s frontman persona. In the summer of 2014 Dear Denizen released its self-titled debut EP which received glowing reviews. A five track song collection that melded electro-rock grooves with shades of post-punk to provide a pulsing canopy over which Ngabo’s vocals dance and soar. On November 25th 2016 Dear Denizen returned with ‘’NOW HERE’’, The eagerly-awaited sophomore EP is both a continuation and evolution of its predecessor, ‘’NOW HERE’’ delves into more introspective territory, mixing atmospheric balladry with uptempo, high-energy tracks. Ngabonziza Kiroko, is also well-known for his contribution to ABAKOS, his alternate project with fellow Congo expat and musician Pierre Kwenders. “

Led by Congolese­-Canadian performer Ngabonziza Kiroko, Dear Denizen lays out a hazy electric­rock groove with shades of post­punk that provide a great base for Ngabonziza’s vocals to soar above.