Genre-bending blues rocker/singer‐songwriter Eddie Paul's debut album, PANDA-MONIUM, is now AVAILABLE. Produced by Seb Black under the banner of Montreal's notorious Emery Street Records, the album is the result of many wild nights jamming at the label’s legendary quartier latin studios.

With what’s becoming an unmistakable Eddie Paul sound, PANDA-MONIUM is a fluent journey of an album that straddles multiple sounds and genres. From lead single The Warning Song, the sleazy, acid rock of Hands In My Pockets, and the foot-stomping country hoedown of Dig A Hole, any one of the eleven tracks is potentially a single. The album is really moving and at times really takes you to those wild nights they spent making it.

Paul is a poster boy of the new breed of artists coming out of Montreal, building a loyal and growing fan base at home and abroad. Rapidly benefiting from numerous positive reviews of his live performances across Canada, as well as having two European tours under his belt already, Eddie’s riding a surge of worldwide momentum.

With The Warning Song enjoying huge critical acclaim across North America and Europe, and a series of North American tour dates in place, this debut album is already being talked about as a modern classic. Hear what the hype’s about here: PANDA-MONIUM

Barren Acres, the Montreal-based acoustic duo, are set to release their first EP in spring 2016. It will feature the live sound of vocalist/guitarist/ukulele-ist Emilie Gosselin and vocalist/guitarist/bassist/drummer Felix Brunet. They have been performing regularly for the past two years in Ontario and Québec, building a repertoire of original music in which the kick drum and rhythm guitar dominate for a contemporary pop-folk sound that appeals to all ages. There can be up to seven instruments played at the same time between the two of them; they are a 2-piece full band. Barren Acres’ appreciation for Canadian artists, such as Stan Rogers, is apparent in their first single, “Escapade”, wherein they manifest their love for traveling for the sake of music. They have been writing songs together since 2013, namely “Burning Bridges” which speaks to their commitment to their musical project. Emilie and Felix’s ever-growing compatibility bleeds through their music through harmony and rhyme.