Sweet Roger is a singer-songwriter with a unique but familiar sound, with contrasting styles of Americana, folk, blues, and 90's alternative. His influences are wide-ranging, from R.E.M. and The National to Bruce Springsteen and Roy Orbison. While describing the surface of our experiences and simultaneously peering deep into our senses, Sweet Roger's lyrics and melodies deliver a refreshing edge to songwriting that is captivating, original, and yet intimately homespun.

Devarrow is the stage-name of Graham Ereaux, a Canadian singer-songwriter originally from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Devarrow currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Une guitare acoustique et deux voix en harmonie. Le duo de Montréal Bound & Tethered, composé de Stefanie Parnell et Chris See Hoye, désire conquérir le public avec son style country-folk. Par conviction et honnêteté, le groupe Bound & Tethered présente un son familier tout à fait renouvelé et épuré pour faire place à l’essence même de leurs chansons.

'Steve Earle and the Band playing Springsteen tunes with Crazy Horse.'