Ce duo de montréal basse/batterie joue dans le post-punk, minimaliste.

Saam, a vu le jour lors d`un voyage dans le désert Californien. Il y découvre la pop-psychédélique américaine. Maintenant féru des chorus et d`octavier, il en extrait des harmonies dérangeantes. En live, le tout est décortiqué en mélodies lascives par un band complet.

Landisles is 3 pairs of musicians with different backgrounds who, after diverse attempts at a variety of genres, surrendered to the funk and started churning out lush, dreamy grooves with the purpose of propagating nostalgic sophistication to the masses.

Rats Mouth played their abrasive and quirky rock music frequently in clubs in South Florida and were received ambivalently. Charlotte and Spencer decided to hit the road for an east coast tour and after a series of shows in Brooklyn, decided to move to NYC. Spencer and Charlotte's hobbies include (but are not limited to) moving to New York together, being bored easily, being awkward, going on lengthy walks, and not talking. Rats Mouth recently wrapped a full length album "Grouch & the Brainstorm", which was recorded in their friend's bedroom, and will be released on 1/16/16.