Street Meat was banned from Montreal in the 1960’s due to concerns about hygiene; well, it is back and dirtier than ever. The secret to the gravy is how it combines disparate ingredients to come up with a delicious concoction of Rockabilly, Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass and Prog Rock.

The History of Gunpowder is a six-piece Montreal-based band comprised of Alex Morison on guitar and vocals, Quinn Dennehy on percussion, Henri Rabalais on synth, Michael Johancsik on tenor sax, Aleksi Campagne on violin, and Stephane Boisvert on bass. Boasting 2 studio albums, the group is currently completing their third LP in Montreal, building on Alex’s writing while in India and Vancouver. They are presently blowing up local Montreal venues on the weekly, and will be touring in the spring of 2016. Drawing inspiration from blues, soul, jazz, funk and punk, this group emerges as a delicate balance between order and chaos. Through the blending of a vast range of genres as well as the employment of unconventional compositional styles, the History of Gunpowder provides a thrilling alternative to the typical live music experience.

The Empty Yellers is an all-girl rock band composed of Celina Wolfe on vocals and guitar, Camille Beaudoin on guitar, Esme Cavanaugh on bass, and Marie Isler on drums. Their music is known for its soulful, powerhouse vocals reminiscent of Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin, and for reviving the tradition of epic rock guitar solos.