MARDI 25 AOÛT 2015

REENIE is a Toronto-based musician and composer whose canvas is her 5-piece indie-pop band with horns and strings. Combining jazz harmony with catchy melodic vocals, she writes and arranges songs with a soulful edge that is fun and introspective all at once.

"Perkovic’s clear voice anchors the traditional instrumentation and pop arrangements with panache. The parallel universe that the songs create is sonically sweet and pleasant, even as the emotions of [the] lyrics cover a darker and broader pallet." - Grayowl Point

2015 brought many new adventures for The REENIE Band, including performances at Canadian Music Week and Beaches Jazz Festival, a cross-Canada tour, and the recording of a brand new album (partially funded by FACTOR), to be released in the spring of next year.

Maerin is a montreal indie pop singer songwriter