An imaginative mix of intimate folk music and classical instrumentation, Heirloom’s wistful songs are built from the lyrics up, and crafted with love and care. The group is made up of self-taught musicians and classically trained instrumentalists, and is influenced by artists such as Leonard Cohen, Sufjan Stevens, and Joanna Newsom. Together, their instruments create a warm, refreshing sound that is both welcoming and breathtaking, while leaving space for delicate vocals and earnest lyrics.

Nosy Mangabe is a Boston based "progressive-jazz-folk" band, with members hailing from Canada and the USA, and influences ranging from musical theatre to experimental jazz and rock music. Since being founded in 2010 in Miami, Florida, the group has gained notoriety for quirky, and sometimes experimental live shows; and after five years of repeated lineup changes, and a move to Boston, Nosy Mangabe is recording a new album, and expanding their fan base through regular shows and touring.