MARDI 11 AOÛT 2015

Pierre Pharaoh is a hip-hop artist and music producer from Toronto. Born in Paris, France and his parents were born in Congo, Africa. Pierre's first love for music was discovered when his father played soul records, and Pierre would repeatedly watch Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

Since then, inspired by a rapping baby from France at the age of 4 and RUN-DMC, Pierre's love for music became timeless. Years later, Pierre moved to Toronto and in his neighborhood were other kids who grew into loving hip-hop resided. Now Pierre's sound consists of distorting drums, guitar riffs and the 808 bass sounds. Melodic synthesizer patterns with ambient soundscapes creating a dream like underwater world.

Pierre Pharaoh was also Recently awarded by Cue grant to proceed with his current project “Lone” ep. Most recently he was featured on the Toronto star and Rogers tv in a grant coverage of Toronto arts.

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24 year old Montreal born & Toronto bred artist Patrik is a clever lyricist who uses his music & X10 class to tackle contro​versial topics with no fear