A fusion of various genres and compositional styles emerging as a delicate balance of order and chaos.

Hailing from Windsor Ontario, Drown The Noise is a 4 piece female fronted alternative rock band, with Sheep Sqweak on lead vocals, Andrew Bateman on the guitar, Dave Ikonov on drums, and Rachel E. Simpson slapping some serious bass. Formed in April 2014, they officially hit the music scene in late October 2014 with their first show at the Phog Lounge in Windsor and haven't looked back since. Drown The Noise is a mixture of different styles of music, that brings a unique prospective to punk, grunge, Indie, and folk. On top of that they bring a high energy performance, crowd pumping music, and will sing, scream, and dance their proverbial (and perhaps even non proverbial) pants off for you!


From Montreal and originally named (Noyro), Maybelleen are Peter and Charles Camiré, a young brother duo. In early 2012, the brothers started to write and play acoustic sets together. Soon after, the band recorded their first demo “Gold In Our Hands” and decided to add electronic sounds and backing tracks to play along with. Their unique and contemporary sound is recognizable with intense melodic grooves, vocal harmony and great rhythms. Maybelleen is clearly inspired by the meaning of life, harmonious and sustainable relationship with the world around us. The brothers are always looking to meet their fans and fully live their music dream.