LUNDI 15 JUIN 2015

tickets: $10 (advance) $15 (at door)
Advance tickets are sold at Cheap Thrills record store and online here:

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Next Music from Tokyo is an annually recurring tour that introduces Canadians to the most creative and skilled bands from Japan’s indie and underground music scene. The curator is a Toronto anesthesiologist who travels to Japan 5-7 times a year to scout the best possible line-up for his tour. With sold out shows in Toronto and Montreal, language barrier has never been an issue as great music played with energy and passion can be appreciated by audiences anywhere.

Next Music from Tokyo prides itself in showcasing a fresh and eclectic line-up of Japanese bands that put on a great show without resorting to gimmicks. Although this year’s line-up is predominantly rock-based none of the bands sound remotely alike and are bound to fascinate audiences that keep an open mind. NMFT is the only tour in Canada featuring multiple Japanese bands and will continue its tradition of creating one of the most interesting and intense live music experiences of the year.

OWARIKARA means “starting at the end” and to them this means “being a band that encompasses all of rock music.” Participants of the first NMFT tour, OWARIKARA stunned the audience with their ability to perform dangerous acrobatics while playing intricate music with clockwork precision. Since then OWARIKARA have matured and toned down their crazy on-stage antics but continue to perform with as much energy and fury but with even more creativity and skill. For the most part OWARIKARA play loud, fast and soulful psychedelic rock but they try to incorporate a bit of everything into their music. Out of any NMFT band that has come to Canada they may have the greatest stage presence and are guaranteed to blow minds once again.

mothercoat were participants and fan favorites of the original Next Music from Tokyo tour in 2010. Their music is progressive, lo-fi indie pop warped by electronic, jazz, Radiohead, math rock and Michael Jackson as influences. mothercoat’s music is in a constant state of evolution and experimentation and listening to their studio recordings makes for a fun roller coaster ride. But first and foremost, mothercoat is a LIVE band. They bring a spontaneity and energy to the stage that can’t be captured on CD or film. Watching the preternatural talent of drummer Jun Irimajiri alone is worth the price of admission. mothercoat are unequivocally one of the strangest yet awe-inspiring bands you will ever see live.

otori WAVE NO to gimmicks, posturing and crossover appeal. Their furious blend of noise/HC, no-wave, and krautrock with passionately crooned and screamed female vocals combine for a uniquely fresh and powerful sound. The music takes the repetitive drive of Krautrock flashing in alien-like guitar tones with complex drumlines and the anything goes, experimental nature of no-wave and spruce it up further with the larger than life, demonic intensity of Kobara Sae’s growled vocals and sinister stage presence. If some people have felt Next Music from Tokyo was getting a bit too mainstream/accessible (I argue not!) then otori will bring the gritty underground atmosphere back in full force. Rejoice!!

PENs+ are a math/emo/post-HC band who sound like Algernon Cadwallader jamming with the band apart. Consisting of four prodigally talented university students, their music explodes with an abundance of energy, guitar wizardry and pop sensibility. They performed at the 2012 Senkou Riot music festival after being chosen by TokyoFM as one of the best high school bands in all of Japan. At only 20 years of age these whippersnaps are definitely at the forefront shaping the “next music” from Tokyo.

Atlantis is a mythical ancient civilization and airports connote technological advancement so the name Atlantis Airport suits the band’s combination of old-school pop with a much more progressive flavour. Although the music has an overtly mainstream pop quality it has enough moments of “math” and “prog” to please fans of similar bands such as Clammbon, Haisuinonasa, School Food Punishment and Uchu Conbini. Atlantis Airport’s solid live performance is centred around lead singer Sone who will charm the pants off you with her heartfelt stage and vocal dynamics.