Matthew Azrieli writes music, even when you don't want to hear it, so that it'll be there for you some day when you might need it.

While his new six-song EP marks his first official independent release with a full band, Matthew has been receiving critical acclaim across the board for a number of years. IX Daily described Azrieli’s eponymous acoustic release as “beautifully composed”. The Canadian Jewish News described his voice as having “a buttery, low register that cradles the songs,” while Outremont’s Talk of the Townie described his lyrics as “defying imagination” - also an apt way to describe his productions, which transcend the kind of sparse acoustic trappings usually associated with artists who cite late icons Elliot Smith, Nick Drake and Bob Dylan as their chief inspirations. The tracks are grounded in melodic guitar and/or piano but often feature spirited horns and powerful drum grooves from members of his longtime Montreal-based band, Mr. Grizzly and the Big Nothing – who traveled to Brooklyn alongside Matthew to ensure a powerful sonic presence.

Paul Kasner was the guitarist and songwriter for Silk Screaming/Black Mystic with whom he shared the stage with numerous local and international bands (We are Scientists, The Bravery, Young Rival, The Two Koreas, Grounders, Suckers, Rah Rah

Crackers & Jam is the eminent band in the so-called "Bluegaze" canon. Their tender musical souls have vomited forth nothing but brilliance.