Entre les «Bon matin!» et les «GORGÉE!», les fonds de bouteilles, les lendemains de brosse qui font mal et ceux qui font du bien, Les Chiens de Ruelles vagabondent dans la province depuis un an avec la belle grosse famille de l'underground.

L.C.D.R crient tout haut leurs incompréhensions face à l'absurde de la société. Des festivités taverneuses jusqu'à votre salon, la bière sera bonne, même tablette !

Les Chiens de Ruelles lèvent leurs verres à ceux qui nous rappellent qu'il est bientôt 23h !

Whiskybillie They broke a branch off the 'ol folk tree, whittled away the bark and called it a Whiskeybillie stick. Take the growling voice of a proud Viking, the charm of a seasoned storyteller, the dramatic flair of a lumberjack and the fevered energy of a sailor, add those ingredients into a barrel to ferment and the end result would be nothing short of The Steady Swagger's self defined style of Whiskeybillie; rugged, charismatic and aggressively fun. It is folk rock that weaves effortlessly through the sounds of gypsy punk, jazz, waltz rhythms, sea shanties, uplifting minor keys and hip-hop, all the while maintaining a consistent unified sound. The Steady Swagger is a power trio that has risen through the underbelly of Montreal's dirty folk scene to become the worlds finest Whiskeybillie purveyor. Their live shows have progressively become more of an energetic experience shared between the performers and the audience. Their ability to break down the walls that restrain men and women from moving their bodies and hollering out has been tried, tested and true. Common sights at their shows include, but not limited to, smiling lips, swinging hips, stomping feet, sweaty hair, surfing bodies and booze.