In anticipation of East Coast-based Andy Brown’s upcoming full-length album, Seasons, Brown will be giving audiences a sneak peek of what’s in store. Brown’s newest offering will be released this summer under the direction of producer Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, Justin Rutledge). In his third full-length album, Brown’s words drew from the life, death and subsequent rebirth of nature around him. He went deeper into the woods to record with Ledwell at Echo Lake Studios in Lake Echo, Nova Scotia.

Never shying away from vulnerability, Brown’s songwriting doesn’t disappoint. His lyrics read like poetry and are amplified by the music surrounding it, with the help of Kinley Dowling (Hey Rosetta!), East Coast darling Jenn Grant, PEI’s Tim Chaisson, folk-rocker Jeremy Fisher and Australian emerging artist Dylan Wright.Most recently, Brown completed his fourth Australian tour as headliner of the Festival of Small Halls, performing alongside Winnipeg’s alt/country folk artist Del Barber and multi-award-winning, Melbourne-based The Mae Trio.

His music has been featured on ABC (Rookie Blue), NBC (Saving Hope), CTV, Global TV, Showcase, and CBC (Heartland, The Phantoms), and has earned him a slew of International songwriting awards and nominations. Brown has seen iTunes chart-topping success and has emerged a must-see performer on the Canadian and International music scene.

Drawing musical inspiration from her Afro-Canadian roots and a very migratory upbringing, singer-songwriter Kimberly Sunstrum emerged in the music scene with a unique perspective and sound.

This unconventional and nomadic upbringing has enabled Kimberly Sunstrum to bring a candid, exotic style of lyricism to her music, one that is fuelled by catchy lyrics, infectious melodies, and solid rhythms!