LUNDI 30 MARS 2015

Revolving around the drum kit and sampler of Sam Chown, Shmu riles the current boundary between live and electronic music.

Shmu is originally from Toronto, Ontario, where from the age of 3 to 16, he recorded over 200 tapes worth of improvised material & would play and record various instruments as well as laying the foundation for his sound.

Shmu attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he developed the idea for the Shmu style in college, attempting to combine the early 70s fusion sounds of of Miles Davis, the dreampop shoegazeing qualities of My Bloody Valentine, the slick yacht-funk of Steely Dan, the folk harmonies of Joni Mitchell with the noisier elements of such acts as Lightning Bolt & HEALTH. It's also where he connected with Zorch bandmate Zac Traeger.

Press Quotes:

Exclaim! "Psychedeic pop freakout"

Joel Gausten "Somewhere in between mix of Oasis and Sly And the Family Stone, only to finally give up that mission to instead listen to his vinyl copy of My Bloody Valentine's Lovelss"


SLIGHT is a swirling psychedelic pop krautrock project from Montreal.

Electronic pop from Montreal with a saxy new live band