Radio, TV, and internet have brought about a Hip Hop culture revolution that has created one of the most influential genres of music on the globe. At the same time, Hip Hop has been criminalized and stereotyped in mainstream media. Hip Hop Week Montreal (HHW) seeks to challenge orthodoxies and also foster debate about the past, present and future of Hip Hop as it grows into a media and cultural giant.

Hip Hop Week Montreal (HHW) is a week-long series of events seeking to explore intersections between hip hop culture, feminism, race, class and activism from a historical, global, and local lens. Through keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, social events, and concerts, HHW hopes to bring youth, artists from here and abroad, academia, and members of the broader Montreal community to engage with the culture and politics of Hip Hop.

Hip Hop, whether one listens to it or not, is a force to be reckoned with and must be part of our public dialogue.

Any profits made from HHW will be donated to Nobad Sound Studio (Maison des Jeunes), a local youth organization that helps youth develop their musical talents in studio.


All Events:

Consisting of members Taiga McFly, HP and Smitty Bacall, Opulence Family is one of the newer hip hop groups on the Montreal scene with an album dropping March 2015.Their sound is unique, somewhere between back to the future funk, OG rap and new school swagger, an audio experience that is not to be missed.

A trio of singers, songwriters and beatmakers, this girl group was founded in June 2014 and has already released an EP. Affiliated with NoBad Sound Studio, the group brings together various influences into an energetic pop/funk sound with positive messages of diversity and creativity.

Lolo Douglas (KSTRESS)

Started rapping 5 years ago with the Douglas Fam. She is now a prospective beatmaker and singer, crafting her art into something entirely unique and her own.

A Montreal artist that raps in English and is one half of the well known rap-producer duo STxLIAM, founders of Trust The Team (TTT). Full of intricate lyricism and smooth instrumentals, his debut solo album was released in December 2014.

With a rich cultural and musical blend, Clay and Friends is a musical collective that draws inspiration from hip-hop, funk, jazz, soul and reggae. Champions of musical improvisation and freestyle, Mike Clay and his crew wield words in a prose that perfectly reflects Montreal in both French and English. The group is inspired by urban life and feeds off simplicity and instinct, leading to organic jams onstage that include beatbox and sampling.

Emrical (Ricardo Lamour Blaise)

Un activiste communautaire et artiste hip-hop qui aborde dans ses textes les luttes pour la justice sociale, contre le profilage racial et la brutalité policière.