6@8 – Hip Hop Today: Fit or Flop?

Standpoints presents its first conference of 2015 – Hip Hop Today – Fit or Flop? Join us on Wednesday, March 18th from 6:00-8:00PM at the Divan Orange to discuss the effects of the genre’s mainstream-ization on its socio-politico roots, and decide: Is hip hop still relevant today?

Hip Hop’s unique identity stems from its long history as a form of grassroots contestation. From its inception, it merged activism and art in a coherent blend. You only need to listen to your old-school classics to realize that powerful texts were the central core of hip-hop songs, which a few head-bopping beats served to complement. The artists’ flow, rhymes, punchlines were the make or break factor.

Everyone has a hip-hop repertoire in their iPod today. The big names of contemporary hip-hop are not the lyricists their forefathers were. Bling entertainment and performance have gained predominance over the poetic and political essence of songs. Now, with the emergence of more sophisticated technologies, mainstream hip-hop borrows from other commercial genres – you know, those bass drops, auto-tuned voices, etc?

We call all our fellow old-school hip-hop fans to come and discuss the effects of the mainstream-ization of the genre. Has hip-hop lost its way? Have its socio-political roots disappeared? How can the artists of today overcome the general effects of mainstream-ization? What is the ideal balance between lyrics and music?

You will be hearing from:
• Alejandro Sepulveda (Nomadic Massive)
• Butta Beats (Nomadic Massive)
• Gabe Nandez
• Jonathan Emile (Kalmunity)

This event is happening in partnership with Hip Hop Week Montreal! The conference will be followed by a cocktail reception, and Hip Hop Week’s « No Bad Sounds” concert from 9PM-1AM showcasing local Hip Hop artists, also at Divan Orange. Learn more about Hip Hop Week and check out the week-long series of events: and

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