CAIRO With Special Guests The Bright Road and Blood and Glass

You could call it folk. Or rock. Or ambience. If you wanted to deny that parts make a whole. It's realer than that! It is love! Yes, love! That messy gooey thing that we so desperately hope will make us whole. We can all agree on this, can we not? Nate Daniel's fragile cadence, the tangled network of twisting cables and blinking lights at Dante Berardi's feet coalescing into reverb-soaked guitar, hemmed in by the sweetness dragged from Caitlin Grieve's violin while Matt Sullivan moves behind the drum kit like an academic earmarking pages in the ever-evolving narrative of CAIRO's stories.

Raised in a small town of Québec province, Philippe Garceau was born for new experiences and relationships. At an early age he left haven to discover the world. Through his experiences he learned to find himself a shelter. He found in music a way to communicate his feelings, pain, thoughts...

Once upon a time, the entire world was made of paper. The origami birds folded their wings under bleached-out clouds while the Paper-boy brought out the news to every house of cards. One day, the girl with shredded eyes spotted him drawing pictures of another world. So she took him by the hand and she brought him to a crowd of cardboard cut-outs. She tore out her paper heart, and beneath the pinned-up moon, they learned to play with fire.