DJ Slam and Ultra Magnus are everything the world needs during these tumultuous uncertain times. Another DJ and the 10,000th rapper this week, from Canada no less. But what sets this duo apart from the rest? Why they make music not for their contemporaries but for dental assistants, public servants, puerto rican goths, Filipino vampires, sexual deviants, 1990s ravers, dads, people with three dads, your dad, big daddy Kane and you; even you, rap fan, should find something to like in the rhythmic bleating of our one true god Ultra Magnus, and the steady beatitude of sir DJ Slam. "Who is ultra Magnus and why should I care?" asked the uninitiated. Well the answer is simple, they are Canadians who deserve multiple junos, and some would say, Juno herself. Ellen Page aside, they are purveyors of truth who in no way wrote this bio themselves. Some sources say DJ slam is a red bull champion DJ who gas worked with the likes of Pharaoh Monche, Kid Koala, Skratch Bastid, Slaughterhouse and Africa Bambatta to name a few.


There are a million reasons why you shouldn’t listen to Suspect Gang (Concrete, Walt Brown, cLoud) but then you do, and you find a million reasons to listen again. With beats that hook you and a variety of rap styles that keep you guessing, they got it covered. The diversity displayed is what makes $U$PECT GANG truly captivating, whether it's Walt Brown's stoned, drugged out flow, Concrete's intense, energetic delivery, or cLoud doing whatever the fuck he does, $U$PECT GANG is an all around good time with a live show that delivers!