DAS BLANKOUT (lancement d’album Everything Diamonds)  +ATHENA HOLMES

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Das Blankout is the diamonds in your eyes and the sparkle in your wine. They've got a fashion for bringing together the vintage ways we love and the modern edge we need - it's precisely in their sound and image. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that they've been taking the music world by storm lately, with their remarkably energetic performances and utterly addictive music!

Matt's got a set of vocals that are openly inviting and a nifty supply of guitar riffs to go along with them. His sister Kim joins him on stage with her exceptional style on bass and angelic harmonies. Pat fuses the trio together with his dynamic and absolute drumming - impressively, adding yet another layer of vocal backups. Their live shows are unparalleled as they are creative, connecting every song into a constant flow of music, guaranteed to keep you hooked throughout the entire set.

“These guys know how to get a crowd’s attention, and have the talent to keep it throughout their gig. Their sound is completely rock n’ roll, and has a bit of a dark edge to it” – Michelle Normandeau, Confront Magazine.

Their upcoming debut album titled 'Everything Diamonds' will be available online and in select stores June 17. Subsequently, their album launch tour 'The Quebec Ontario Invasion' will begin in September and end in Montreal on October 28 at the renowned Divan Orange. An event not to be missed!

A distinct voice and artistic style, Athena Holmes is a rising talent born in Victoria B.C. and residing in Montreal QC. Her crisp vocals with a natural tone and almost perfect pitch, are reminiscent of Corrine bailey Rae and Skye Edwards. Athena’s music infuses jazz chords and melody over folk rock progression and grooves.

Composing with guitar and voice simultaneously, the content of her original compositions cover various topics ranging from body image, addiction and the ins and out of romantic relationships. Self-described as soulful but not a soul singer, she was voted #6 best singer/songwriter in the Montreal Mirror's Best of Montreal 2010.

"I can tell you with certainty that there isn't a room big enough in the city for the soulful voice, music, and presence of Athena Holmes." - Darcy Macdonald, The Montreal Mirror 07/23/10

"a talented singer-songwriter that should be on more people's playlists." -Juan Miguel Marin, Option Magazine