Billets – 13$ (Only a few in advance)
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Ayant pris une longue pause au grand regret des amateurs de la scène punk-rock montréalaise, les Demon’s Claws sont de retour pour un soir. Be there.

Eons ago in the city of Montreal there was a whirlpool of snotty 3/4 chord Rock 'n' Roll that was being bashed out by such bands as; Sexareenos, CPC Gangbangs, Scat Rag Boosters and a slew of great underground noise, scuzz, punk and soul stomping bands when emerged a group of dishevelled young men who formed a band of their own and joined the ranks of this ragtag musical army. Demon's Claws took their beat up old instruments and played hundreds of shows with their cohorts and other's who would become friends (sometimes foes) and at times leaving their home turf to take their punked up country blues on the road playing dives, venues and festivals across Canada, USA and Europe! Along the way playing...and many times sharing a dirty sleeping bag....with; the Black lips, DM Bob, Guitar Wolf, King Khan and BBQ, Ty Segall, Movie Star Junkies, and loads more including the legendary Sky Saxon!

After 13+ years, 6 records, numerous comps and 45's on such labels as; In the Red, P-Trash, Telephone Explosion and Norton the DC sound continues to be a sweet sweet racket to the ears! They've taken extended breaks to work on their respective projects, travel the globe and even breed (!!) but now they're back to play you some past and present tunes that'll get your ass out of your seat, shake those hips and shuffle them feet at the decade old Divan Orange!

HELLO BOYS AND GIRLS!!!.. ..Drop acid and come see Melted Faces! Melted Faces have been known to deliver an unwelcome and slightly salty explosion of rock and roll that may require a check-up........ But don't worry... it's nothing a little Robitussin and witchcraft can't fix. less.