JEUDI 14 AOÛT 2014

Jack Thomas is sitting well between the modern sounds of lo-fi/Freak Folk, and the Depression Era hollers of Mississippi folk/blues. The young man started out in Vancouver, soon to move to Quebec's thriving Montreal; in which, he has now self released a four track tape recording of his EP, This Is The Way, and will be releasing his debut LP with Brothers and Sisters Records late 2014.

Bobby’s songs and voice are engaging, hopeful, tortured, whimsical, and emotionally naked. Her lyrics are imbued with energy, focus and purpose, even panache, key lines staying with the listener long after each song has ended…” 
Eric Sandmark (Ray Condo, Bloodshot Bill)  


Jesse Speed is a singer-songwriter from rural South-Western Quebec. He grew up on a sheep farm and was raised with dusty records and living room jams until his twenties. After getting a totally conventional education and job, the underlying contradiction to ''only doing music'' extended the inspiration for his songs. With regularly scheduled shows, his hometown is now Montreal.