Mélange de musique traditionelle islandise et de pop psychédelique

Syngja is the result of combining re-interpreted Icelandic folk songs, psychedelic-pop, strange frequencies and dark, distorted beats with a cappella tape recordings of Tyr & Zuzu's Icelandic great-grandmother and live analog overhead projections.

Its classical shoegaze with ill-conceived beats, out of sync loops and voices coaxing you into their fuzzy analogue dreams.

StoLyette is a Minneapolis based duo with Ben Clark (Votel, Tiny Deaths, Cecil Otter) and Minsk-native Irene Ruderman-Clark.. StoLyette began as a project reworking Russian folk songs using only bass and vocals. Following their first live performance, the venue set up a 3 month residency with the duo, and interest and support from producer Ryan Olson (Polica, Marijuana Deathsquads, Lizzo) and producer Ryan Olcott (12 Rods, Mystery Palace, C. Kostra) encouraged the group to start writing original material.

The original compositions expanded to incorporate giga-delay pedals and a pitch shifter to fill out the material by creating dense harmonies, melodies, and beats over the beautifully unique and powerful Russian vocals while still adhering to their original credo of creating all the music with only bass and vocals at the time of performance without further augmentation with previously recorded tracks. In particular, these dynamic soundscapes mixed with an expressive vocal approach presented in Russian provide the listener room to interpret and reconstruct the meaning of each composition to reflect more personally the listener’s own experience and state. With the help of producer Ryan Olcott they have recently completed their first record, Lubymaya, released on Totally Gross National Product.

Born and raised in the eastern townships. Then Nova Scotia, then West Africa, then Mexico and Central America, then England, then Toronto, then back to Montréal.