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Le Divan range les guitares et monte les basses pour faire briller la jeune scène Hip Hop montréalaise. Le tout récent duo Planet Giza embarquera le public avec ses instrumentales sucrées et déjantées, suivi par le nouvel ambassadeur de la scène Hip Hop Montréalaise J.O The Corrupted, et les filles d’Heart Streets, parmi les révélations de cette année. Barcham quant à lui sera là pour donner une touche electronica à la soirée.

The Divan Orange puts away the guitars and raises the basses to highlight the young Hip Hop scene from Montreal. The fresh new duo Planet Giza will drag the audience with their sweet and crazy instrumentals, followed by the new ambassador of the Montreal Hip Hop scene J.O The Corrupted, and the two girls of Heart Streets, real revelation of this year. Barcham will join them to give a hint of electronica to the party.

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- À la porte // At the door: 10$ + frais // + fees

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Heart Street is, from the beginning, a story told by two voices. Gabrielle, whose legend says that she has been singing sunny notes with a sugar taste of r'n'b before even talking. And Emma, who started to rap with a relentless flow since she was living in the mecca of the genre: New York City. As a chassé-croisé, the two voices become entangled before splitting up from each other to get brighter. Since the craze surrounding their first EP, Heart Street multiply releases of a rap as good as sexy and released the "Beats, Blunts and Broads" EP in 2013, an anthem to their way of life.

One sure thing, the 21 years old rapper don't have anytime to lose. No sooner his solo career was launched that he dropped his debute mixtape, CWS (Corrupted World Solution) on December 13', eluding all the questions that could have been asked. Surrounded by loads of beatmakers coming from America and Europe, he offers a flawless mixtape between new school hip hop and the classicism of boom bap delivering a sincere reflexion on the world's state of affairs and our dangerous pursuit of artificial happiness. Acclaim by his pairs and the press as a true ambassador of Montreal's Hip Hop, J.O The Corrupted offers to his city a matchless sound and new perspectives to a changing Hip Hop culture.

Dj et producteur issu de la région montréalaise, Barcham livre une musique aux influences variées allant du hip hop à l'électronica en passant par le dubstep et la bass. Sur scène très peu de temps après ses débuts, il partage les platines avec des artistes internationaux tels que Kannamix, Apashe ou encore, LeBelgeElectrod. Membre du collectif Massive Misters, il est aussi résident des soirées Overload.

Planet Giza? Made up of Montreal based duo The North Virus and Laval Based producer Rami B., Planet Giza is the symbol of the youth. Their unique sound, a mix of trap music, hip-hop and house music, made their reputation on the various social networks. Their first EP, ‘’Etorkizuna’’ is a perfect example of what these young dudes are able to do.