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VIET CONG (ex Women)

Viet Cong is a canny fusion of four quite distinct voices from their home town of Calgary, Alberta. Featuring former members of the much-loved —but sadly defunct— band Women, and members of Chad VanGaalen’s backing band, Viet Cong offers up an intriguing mixture of sharply-angled rhythm workouts and euphoric ‘60s garage pop-esque melodies.

TV Ghost's practice of coaptation began in the winter of 2006, when the young virtuosos birthed a disheveled, experimental noise nurtured by raw ambition. The avant-garde sound led them to the beginning stages of their career, releasing a single, Atomic Rain B/W Bird Flu, with Die Stasi Records in 2007 (youngest member only 14). In the same year they issued a self-titled 12", again, with Die Stasi. One year later they were signed with In The Red Records out of Los Angeles, California. In July of 2009, In The Red released their debut album, Cold Fish, evoking a sinsister ambiance with terror-stricken waves of guitar and discomforting vocals. Two years after Cold Fish, their sophomore album, Mass Dream, made clear of the maturity and experience they had gained as individual musicians; with less erraticism, rage, and scuzz, it produced grotesque articulation with a darker mood. Although, often compared to early-Echo and The Bunnymen and/or The Cramps, due to Gick's lamenting vocals, it is rather cheap to associate them with such proverbial post-punk legends. TV Ghost is obstensibly their own and if there must be a comparison they would be the children of horror soundtracks bound to dreams; steadily innovating and evolving their sound with age, Disconnect breaks the barrier for these Midwest boys.

Corridor est un groupe art-rock de Montréal, qui s’exprime en psychédélique absorbant et en performances hallucinogènes ou « plutôt, les explorations parallèles, jonction entre la quête spatiale et corporelle ». Rock dissonant mélodique aux lignes labyrinthiques et voix mystérieuse, Corridor a déjà foulé la scène en premières parties de White Fence, Hooded Fang, Chocolat, Solids, TV Ghost, Viet Cong, The Fleshtones ou encore Crosss. À écouter, à voir et à vivre!