"Just when you thought garage bands were no more, enters Loose Pistons. These Montreal natives garage rock jam not only gets you on your feet, but keeps you there with amp blowing rock n' roll riffs." – Pop Montréal

Invasions have spent several years developing an eclectic mix of western inspired surf songs. Regularly performing and touring around Canada, their spaghetti western style and cinematic energy makes for a seasoned, hypnotic stage performance. Capturing unique tones, layered guitar parts, and horns, their style incorporates modern techniques while riding vintage waves.

"Toronto's Invasions play an eclectic mix of Western- tinged surf rock, and as bizarre as that sounds, it works."- Exclaim Magazine

Laura Hermiston of The BB Guns flees to the desert and returns on a western- sunburnt electro mission with producer Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck.

Twist (NxNE reviews) "Dusty, drum-machine-y music. Think Lana Del Rey with more heart and less collagen. File next to the Eric's Trip tunes that Julie Doirion sang. Twist’s music is basic in all the right ways and a bit moody in all the best ways." "Twist plays great, godly guitar rock and roll. This is how Smashing Pumpkins got their start: two guitars, an electronic drummer, and a quarter ounce of weirdness."

Mangey, eclectic 4 piece rock n roll band from the belly of Toronto.