MARDI 10 JUIN 2014

Born & raised in Montreal, Venyse Rowe and Louis Drolet have been writing music together since 2011. After a few trials, they settled on the live band format to record their self-titled debut EP to be released on November 5th, 2013. Waiting Game offers a blend of pop music with oldies and grunge influences, a profoundly soulful voice laid over heavier arrangements in a remarkable synergy that gives birth to a solid band eager to share their sound. With their new EP in hand, Waiting Game is looking to perform as much as possible throughout the winter months while working on a full length release.

Duo unissant Cao (Caro Dupont) (flûte, voix, clavier) et KenLo Craqnuques (voix, beats). Ils ont sorti 3 EPs depuis 2012, ''La vie est un miracle'', ''Boogillon maison (Un)'' et ''Sur les terres d'Armand Viau''. O2 lance une poésie chantée sur fond de musique électronique teintée de funk / soul.

Duo formed by Cao (Caro Dupont) (flute, voice, keys) and KenLo Craqnuques (voice, beats). They have released 3 EPs since 2012, ''La vie est un miracle'', ''Boogillon maison (Un)'' and ''Sur les terres d'Armand Viau''. O2 sings poetry over electronic music blends of funk / soul.