Scotty Mack, the creative inspiration behind the band More Please!, splits his time between guiding trips in the wilderness and playing music in cities. More Please! songs evoke the tension of a polarized Canadian experience, transporting you from gritty city life, through rolling countryside to the woods, and back again.

More Please! has evolved into a shared adventure amongst friends. Chris Norman, Nathan Doucet (Crosss, Mike O’Neil) and Ian MacKay (Basia Bulat) first joined Scotty to create the band. After producer and touring artist David Celia recorded a demo of the band in his 1970’s Mississauga bungalow, he joined More Please! and produced a full-length record at his home studio Organica and at Andy Magoffin's House of Miracles. The culmination of this effort is the debut More Please! album The Bounty, to be released in the spring of 2014. The diversity of the rhythms, the inspired arrangements, the balance between psychedelic folk, progressive rock and indie pop will take you on a sonic journey.

More Please! has found inspiration by collaborating live and in the studio with a wide range of musicians: Warren Spicer and Mathew Woodley (Plants and Animals), Joe Grass (Patrick Watson), Josh Toal (Katie Moore), Dani Oore (Gypsophelia), Bob Wiseman (Blue Rodeo), Leanne Zacharias (Christine Fellows, Hylozoists), Sarah Page (Barr Brothers), Bryden Baird (Fiest), Rebekah Higgs, Jeff Louch and Terra Lightfoot among others.

The More Please! adventure does not end with the album; witnessing a live performance will let you experience their musical landscape first-hand.

Daniel was born in Montreal and has been writing songs and leading bands there all his life, from very early teenaged days in the Harry Rags, to his later endeavours with Shoot the Moon and Percy Farm. (He has since begun using an abbreviated version of his actual name, Daniel Isaiah Schachter, as his stage name). He his first solo album, High Twilight, was released by Secret City in 2011.

Daniel is also an award-winning filmmaker, and is just as likely to draw inspiration from Federico Fellini or Ingmar Bergman as Leonard Cohen or Lou Reed. His 2008 short film, Three Mothers, won the A&E Short Filmmaker Award in 2009, and his latest, L’homme qui se croyait l’eau, recently screened at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival.

He's currently working on the follow-up to High Twilight.