MARDI 20 MAI 2014


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Head of the Herd is modern blues with a hell of an edge.

The Vancouver based band has recently completed their sophomore record and they’ve unmistakably found their stride. Harnessing the energy of their live show, this record highlights the beastly, melodic, storytelling prowess that is Head of the Herd. They created the album in two sessions. The first with one of rock’s most sought after producers Gggarth Richardson, the man behind Rage Against the Machine’s chart topping debut, Biffy Clyro’s 2013 UK #1 album “Opposites” and countless in between. The second session was produced by Rick Jackett & James Black from the multi-platinum group Finger Eleven. The album will be named after the first single, a duet with Jasmin Parkin from Mother Mother titled “By This Time Tomorrow.” The song has been used by the NHL & Hockey Night in Canada for a playoff montage, and as of late June hit #1 on the national rock charts.

The Balconies stand before you – teeth bared, eyelashes batting, clothing and hair drenched in sweat. In the blink of an eye, the group has grown from a humble indie pop band to a leather-clad three-headed rock and roll monster, punctuated by 80s hair metal flair.

Rock & Roll

A few things to know about The Damn Truth: they play rock & roll, they call Montreal home, and they’re all pretty decent liars.