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SoHo Ghetto is an indie pop band from Halifax, Canada known for their engaging live shows which move from precise musicianship to energetic mayhem. Their recordings blend indie arrangements with strong lyrical anthems. If there is a hint of east coast sound to be found in their music, well that's just the nature of the beast.

Soho Ghetto est un groupe indie-pop provenant de Halifax au Canada. Leurs concerts sont réputés pour être très vibrants et leur musique marie arrangements indie et puissants hymnes lyriques.

Folk / Rock

The four member Montreal based-band The 444s are no strangers to the music scene. Each a veteran with an array of experience in different musical genres and groups, they have assembled to create this mythically inspired group and the chemistry is undeniable. The band formed unofficially in (2010), with original members Tim Smith on vocals and rhythm guitar, Richard Clarke on bass, and Mark Charbonneau on drums. They solidified their musical harmony with the addition of Nic Power on lead guitar, and were quickly swept into the whirlwind of recording, gigging and preparing the release of their debut album, self titled ‘The 444s,’.

From compelling lyrical ballads impeccably written by Tim, to catchy, dance inducing tunes like “Daddy’s Girl,” the album’s charm is palpable, the sounds reminiscent of the greats – the vocal harmonies, rocking instrumentals, and raw rhythm will make you wax-nostalgic of timeless favourites like The Band, The Rolling Stones, and Neil Young. Smith, the lyrical mastermind, finds his song-writing inspirations deeply rooted in his own spirituality and passion for the ever-present mysticism involved in the artistic process- They are true-to the heart, honest poetic creations, brought to life by the unmatched talent of his musicians. Whether be it on an extravagant stage or at your neighbourhood pub, the 444s love to play their music, meet new fans, and have a good time getting people up and dancing.