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SKATERS is an American rock band formed in early 2012 based in New York City, New York. The band is composed of three members: Michael Ian Cummings, Noah Rubin, and Joshua Hubbard. The band’s debut EP, Schemers, received criticalal praise after being released on the band’s website for free.

Frank, Gab, Manu et Maxo forme une symbiose à travers leurs expé- riences, inspirations et armes musicales. Et au final, Pif Paf : c’est comme un nouveau drink avec des ingrédients frais, piquants aux effets vivifiants, bref, de quoi faire danser quiconque possède un pouls.

The individual talents of Frank, Gab, Manu and Maxo together create a unique symbiosis of their musical strengths,inspirations and experiences. The result is Pif Paf; like a new cocktail with fresh ingredients and spicy, invigorating effects - in short, a mix that'll make anyone with a pulse dance.

Franck, Gab, Manu and Maxo, four guys from the north that didn't know each other but whose lives have been mix through a blender with a result named Pif Paf Hangover. After 6 years made of studio experimentations and live improvisations, these knights of the nightlife packed their bags with their first EP, and take the road to Montreal in 2009. Symbiosis of fresh and spicy ingredients, Pif Paf Hangover is that new vitalizing drink that swill down most of Montreal's scenes and festival before joining The Good People Records label. On March 2014, they released their first album "Curry Love", a tasty mix of indie pop-rock seasoned with an pinch of electro.