JEUDI 27 MARS 2014

"...Like a drunken Broadway saunter for Lee Hazlewood and Velvet Underground while Jack White topples behind. Not merely a pastiche of a 60's sound, it reinvents the baton before it's thrown aside.. One of the best new bands I've heard in months!! - MWP, UK

A brother/sister glampunktrashpop band based in Montreal.

Swampy, Punk, Psychedelic, Live, Country, Blues, Trash. Melodic, & Dirty jingles to listen to on your rocking chair! Don’t stick that fork in your eye. If you Dig them, generally they’ll dig you. Some people get it, others don’t. Light Bulb Alley stems from the cold and weathered Montreal. The wind was howling the snow was blowing, the sky was silver.,we con shows, Light Bulb Alley have made a name for themselves in Montreal, Southern Ontario, NYC and Who knows where else? Lets have a drink soon!