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Singer/songwriter Colyn Cameron of Wake Owl has been immersed in the world of music for the past ten years. Now a Vancouver native, Colyn was originally born and raised in Southern California before relocating. “In the beginning I was mostly into rhyme stuff/hip hop,” Colyn notes, “I wrote rap basically. I used to go around the school ground rapping my verses to whoever would listen. Then about seven years ago I picked up a guitar and taught myself basic stuff and immediately began writing songs.

The beauty of Lyon’s infectious brand of synth-pop is rooted in contradiction. Not in the deliberate sense, but in the serendipitous one. Her debut EP, Indian Summer feels like innocence meets disillusionment and disillusionment meets hope. It’s electronic music with a human soul by the girl next door who has a secret. It wants to say that sometimes you can’t keep the one you have. Sometimes you can’t play out the movie inside your head. In the world of Lyon, things don’t happen for a reason but they do naturally and beautifully fall into place.

Laura Hermiston of The BB Guns flees to the desert and returns on a western- sunburnt electro mission with producer Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck.

Twist (NxNE reviews) "Dusty, drum-machine-y music. Think Lana Del Rey with more heart and less collagen. File next to the Eric's Trip tunes that Julie Doirion sang. Twist’s music is basic in all the right ways and a bit moody in all the best ways." "Twist plays great, godly guitar rock and roll. This is how Smashing Pumpkins got their start: two guitars, an electronic drummer, and a quarter ounce of weirdness."