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Jeremy Messersmith

The Reluctant Graveyard Named Top 10 Album of 2010 by NPR

Tatooine Video Named one of "The Best 25 Music Videos of 2010"

"A local star in Minneapolis ever since his 2005 debut The Alcatraz Kid, Jeremy Messersmith seems poised to find a national audience with the last chapter of what he calls his "life-cycle trilogy."" -NPR Song of the Day

"Like his previous outings, but even better" (regarding The Reluctant Graveyard) -Bruce Warren, Some Velvet Blog

"It's hard to listen to The Silver City, the new CD from Minnesota chamber-pop artist Jeremy Messersmith, without thinking of Sufjan Stevens. Both artists have strikingly similar voices and a love of richly orchestrated story songs." -NPR Second Stage

"Her strength seems to reside in her ability to be musically versatile. Utilizing various orchestrations, Tristen weaves a glistening web of thoughtful and extremely mature melodies that tremble with undeniable power." -American Songwriter

“Pop hooks and pure inspiration” – NPR All Things Considered

Her addictive debut is full of such moments: catchy refrains with multiple meanings, ear-tugging melodies with hidden hooks. She flaunts a philosophy major's palette amidst echoes of vintage rockabilly and girl group pop: Gods battle, queens bid their rule, girlfriends enable druggy lovers. – Rolling Stone

"Tristen Gaspadarek has crafted a confident, poignant folk-pop debut that never wants for hooks, and manages to undercut its sing-songiness at every turn with unflinching lyrics and mature songwriting."- The Onion AV Club