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$10.00 à l’avance / in advance

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$12.00 à la porte / at the door (s’il en reste / if not sold out)

When your band hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, the hard-bitten Canadian prairie town that has produced some of the most iconic, legendary and important artists to ever come from The Great White North, you have some pretty big musical shoes to fill.

But with the same drive, musical chops and nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic as the likes of Neil Young, The Guess Who and The Weakerthans comes The Treble – a band that is truly making music fans sit up and take notice.

Since 2010, The Treble has carved out a reputation for crafting impressively bold and unique folk-infused pop music that has enough of the integral rock vibe to appeal to a phenomenal cross-section of music lovers.

The last three years have been a true whirlwind for the band. The Treble made an instant impact on the local music scene, and garnering attention far and wide. They were signed to one of the most respected booking agencies in the world, and were given the instant opportunity to tour across Canada playing every venue imaginable, from intimate clubs to arenas and stadiums.

Vocalist/lyricist Mark Brusegard, keyboardist Colin McTavish, drummer Dana Jerlo, guitarist Graeme Woods and bassist Pat Hansen, met on the local Winnipeg music scene, and quickly realized they could make beautiful – and impactful - music together.

“When we put this together we were serious. We lined up a group of guys that all had the same focus and vision. It’s amazing when everyone’s personalities and priorities line up. We get along so well, and I think that comes across in the music,” said Woods.

Produced by Chris Burke-Gaffney (Chantal Kreviazuk, McMaster and James), the band's recently released second EP "Northern Lights" is now their main focus as they criss-cross the country, charming music lovers from coast to coast.